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Why are there limits on data storage and transfer?

While some hosts claim to offer unlimited storage and transfer, you'll see under their fine print that they will impose limits if you use more than what they consider "normal". We believe in telling you exactly what you're getting. Standard blog sites, small business, non-profits, professional promotion, bands, artists, and many others will benefit from our lower costs. Easily track your storage and data transfer using your control panel.  Our servers are maintained 24/7 by hardware specialists.

How long are your contracts?

Our hosting contracts are either yearly and have the option to renew automatically with email notification prior to the renewal date.

How do you develop your websites?

Our team of developers create custom sites using a combination of HTML, CSS, PHP, jquery, MySQL databases. We prefer Drupal CMS (with customization) and have been known to use Wordpress on occasion.

How long does it take to complete a project?

It depends on the complexity of the project. A simple design can be completed in 2 days while a custom template design can take a few weeks. We are always open to client feedback along the way. If we're adding content for you, then it all depends on how much content you have for us.

How do I access my control panel?

You will receive login/password access to your Control Panel where you can administer many things yourself. If you need help, just let us know.

I forgot my password or login, help!

We can securely reset your passwords for you and you'll receive updates at your email address. We never give out passwords. If you're adding a new team member you'll need to authorize them on your account before we'll share privileged information with them.

How do I reach technical support?


Does a domain name matter?

Domain names are just as important as SEO and your site design. The name of your website can make it easy or difficult for clients and customers to remember how to find your site. Do you want a long domain name or a short domain name? Abbreviations or complete names? Com, Org, Net, Info? All available suffixes? If you know what you want, we'll sign it up for you. Or just ask and we'll talk through your options.

Glossary of terms:


Search Engine Optimization - very important for generating traffic to your website via searching keywords on sites like Google and Bing. We use the fundamentals such as meta tags, google analytics, and webmaster tools.


Cascading style sheets are a basic element to theming a website. Controls things like colors, font sizes, distance between objects, etc.


A piece of content such as the main content on the page, a sidebar item, a menu, an image, etc.


Content Manage System such as Drupal or Wordpress. A system that organizes pieces of content, sometimes called nodes, in a website using templates and themes.

CMS Security & Maintenance Tips

You can maintain the security of your website by frequent investigations into all aspects of the website. On a regular basis, login to your website as the primary user account and check the database log for recent activity. Look for PHP errors, frequent page-not-found and access-denied listings. Check the forums of your CMS (,, etc) for more information about the errors you're seeing and reliable solutions. If the page-not-found errors are a result of a page URL change, you can create redirects in your htaccess file using an FTP program like Filezilla or the web-based file manager in your cPanel. For module updates, check the list of available updates in the admin reports section. You can make backups using the backup_migrate module and set regular backups and have them emailed to you or posted elsewhere. You should consider subscribing to the email lists for security updates and setting up a website monitoring service to get notices if the website ever goes offline. You should also check the logs in your cPanel account regularly for any suspicious activity. Monitoring your email accounts and keeping secure passwords is also critical to website security.

Legal update

The bottom line is that we'll do everything we can to provide good quality services covering all aspects of the web experience. Our tech support is available as much as possible and we respond in a very timely fashion to service and support requests. Our website uptime is 99% and downtime is generally of an emergency nature. E-commerce sites should have an SSL certificate to encrypt credit cards and make it as safe as possible for everyone to transact online. We're not responsible for clients' content, but we make at least monthly backups for sites we host. You can also make backups at any time.